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For entertainment purposes only ⭐️ This IS ⭐️THE MOST IMPORTANT ⭐️NEW MOON ⭐️OF 2021 ⭐️ of the decade, millenia…because of the Saturn Pluto Conjunction 1-12-2020 in Capricorn. We haven’t had a Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn with this many planets with Uranus in Taurus since…the Bronze Age-ish.

If you’re new – welcome! My channel is different – I incorporate Tarot & Astrology; you do not need to know astrology, just listen to the story. It will sink in. I promise.

This is the reset for world governments and the change in structure and power that plagued the globe all of 2020. Saturn-Pluto turned 1 YESTERDAY, and THIS is her FIRST NEW MOON Capricorn. And her next stop is the Great Conjunction of 2020 with Saturn Jupiter. PACKED WITH UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.

If you wanna change the world and bridge a better world to the future that’s calling to us…JOIN ME and my friends at this channel. ALL MONTH. It’s tedius, detailed work, and SO WORTH IT. This is ruly where the pen is mightier than the sword, forever more going forward – as we collectively write our new moon CONTRACTS with the future, bridging our greater good ,collectively.

Your power of focus is everything. All month long, this is my devotion & practice during Capricorn season – I hope you will join us. Please bring paper and pencil, and you might want to invest in a journal as a keepsake 🙂 Thank you all and thank you mods!


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